Scary Dairy – Podcast Review

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Strut your stuff the right way! You know it, the media knows it, marketing agencies know it, Hollywood knows it best of all . . . Strutting your stuff gets you noticed. You also inherently know that form of ‘advertising’ yourself is not who you are, not what you want for your daughter, is not…

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My CrossFit Journey – David Lantzke

My CrossFit journey started in early 2014 when a work colleague starting telling me stories of these crazy workouts and challenges she was undertaking to get fitter and lose weight. Having joined Cooee CrossFit after being nagged by her sub 3 hour marathon running husband who had already joined and was loving it, she started…

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When life gets hard, whose got your back??   Did you answer with ‘I do’?? Or are you one of the many that suffer with low self-confidence and leave that task to someone else. That’s OK (and also, not ok) if that discrepancy is just for now. You see, we have your back, your CrossFit…

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Her face is slightly pale from being rugged up indoors, but spring and the promise it holds is not far off.  She thinks of this and an easy-going smile forms. She thinks about all the things she values: Family Friends Fitness Health How she looks (no shame here, we all want to look good) She…

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Hey friends! Is Summer here yet?  (this is a friend of ACCESS asking by the way) I’M TOTALLY NOT EVEN KIDDING, I AM HANGING OUT FOR THE DAYS TO GET LONGER. I know I shouldn’t disparage the season of the cold, what with Summer Bodies being built in winter and all.  But what about those...
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Why Do We Do CrossFit?

We hear it all the time. Are you guys mad? Why would you do that? Or, doesn’t that hurt? The short answer is, yes, because we’re hooked and yeah sometimes! But to really understand why we have so many committed CrossFitters at our box, we thought we’d share some insight on a recent tournament held...
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