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Whose got your back kid??   Did you answer with ‘I do’?? Or are you one of the many that leave that task to someone else. That’s OK (and also, not ok) if you left yourself off the list.   It’s OK if that discrepancy is just for now. You see, we have your back,…

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My CrossFit Journey – Sam Lass

Firstly, I just want to say that CrossFit is the best thing I’ve ever done when it comes to sport and fitness. Especially more so since joining CrossFit Access Wangara. I’ve played competitive netball since I was 12 and always loved it. But my knees and ankles sure took a beating from the heavy landings…

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Athlete of The Month October – Wangara

We have been so impressed with Karina’s commitment in her CrossFit training, always striving towards improvement and achieving fantastic results.  We love Karina’s never give up attitude which is why Karina was our Athlete of the Month for October! Karina’s back squat has considerable gone up in weight, and we are super happy to see Karina…

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Athlete of of The Month Malaga 2017

Huge congrats to our box junkie for November and Athlete of the Month for October Angela! Angela is part of a trio of the Goronski’s which consists of her Mum Jenefer and almost twin in age Katie. This trio has been training at Access for a long time and it makes us so proud. Angela…

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Her face is slightly pale from being rugged up indoors, but spring and the promise it holds is not far off.  She thinks of this and an easy-going smile forms. She thinks about all the things she values: Family Friends Fitness Health How she looks (no shame here, we all want to look good) She…

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