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What people are saying


My goals when I started CrossFit was to lose weight, tone up and increase my fitness. The coaches adapted the program to suit those goals and the results have been awesome! Watching my muscle tone and body fat % change make all the hard workouts worth it.

Shayley Crips
Corporate Professional


When I started CrossFit I was unfit and overweight. I might have looked happy but wasn’t happy on the inside. By coming to CrossFit Access and being coached its increased my fitness, I’ve lost weight and become a happier person.

Desiree Gardiner


I started CrossFit 2 years ago, I was overweight, unfit, shy, not confident and I couldn’t even run. To where I am now, I’ve lost almost 30kg, I’m a CrossFit coach and doing things I’d never dreamt of doing. It feels great and I never would have done alone.

Matt Westerside

What our clients say

This place has helped me through a really difficult time in my life when everything I did daily was changed. I was really unwell and had drastic changes to my life the coaches and community at Access helped me and still help me get through and aim for a healthier fitter version of me. Anyone looking to better themselves in either health, fitness or a feeling of belonging CrossFit Access is the place for you.

Brooke Mincherton

Access has literally changed my life. I’ve got off my couch and I’m now running, lifting, skipping and smiling! The box is awesome with friendly people and a brilliant community atmosphere. Access also offers CrossFit for kids and teens, which my daughter is loving. The best part though is the coaching. Support and encouragement to push yourself is what you can expect from all of the coaches. Hit up Head Coach Aidan, you won’t regret it!

Donna Anderson

I love Access, only been here 6 weeks and I really love it. The coaches are amazing so friendly and always happy to help you out. I was so nervous at the start because I didn’t know anyone, but I’ve quickly become part of the team at Access! Everyone knows you have to start somewhere so whether you struggle with just the bar or you can lift 100kg access will help you, keep you motivated and coming! also the coaches aren’t too bad to look at either.

Sarah Gough

Awesome place, amazing coaches, wicked people. The support, encouragement, and teaching is the ultimate! Wanted to step up my training – CrossFit access has met that goal and more! Thank you!

Belinda Baker